Custom Team Lacrosse Goal Rejectors
Custom Team Lacrosse Goal Rejectors

Custom Team Lacrosse Goal Rejectors

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Awesome Lacrosse Goal Rejectors With Your Program Logo!

Improve shot placement and have more fun shooting with Cradlebaby Rejectors. We have changed the game with the introduction rejectors that are a fraction of the weight (less than 1 lb.) of standard ones, and are a cinch to put on and take off.

Now you can get in on the action and get a Goal Rejector with your very own club or program logo. What better way to support and represent your program?

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Cradlebaby Rejectors come in 4 sizes. Two designed for field lacrosse goals (6' x 6') and two for box or indoor goals (4' x 4'). 

Field Lacrosse

The standard size for field goals is 4.25' x 4.25'. This means that there's a reasonable 10 inches or so on all sides for a successful shot. The more advanced rejectors are 5' x 5' and provide only about 6 inches to score.

Box Lacrosse

For box/indoor goals our standard size is 3' x 3'. Yep, that only allows 6 inches on each side, but box players are tough. The advanced size are 3.5' x 3.5', which require the most accurate shot of all of our rejectors.

In Action

These industrial strength shot blockers may be lightweight and easy to set up but they can take a beating without backing down.