Cradlebaby from LaxCB

Improve Stick Skills in your Youth Program with Cradlebaby

Coaches, parents, program directors and boosters, this is the equipment purchase that gets your team to the next level. Off hand practice at home? Doesn't normally happen, we all know that. But with Cradlebaby attached to their stick your players will be working their cradling technique, dodges, switches and off hand all the time.

Outfit the Club

Cradlebaby team pack for the whole lacrosse team

Here’s some swag with a purpose. Volume discounts allow you to outfit the entire team, camp or program. Pick from our designs or design your own. 

Cradlebaby make the perfect Team Gifts for end of season celebrations or welcome to the team.

Coaches: get on the bandwagon and get your players a Cradlebaby for the end of season gift. It is something that they can actually play with and it will improve their game.

Each Team Pack comes with either 18 or 25 matched Cradlebaby. If your team or program needs more don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you put together the perfect order with even greater volume discounts.  

Fund Raisers

Buy wholesale and sell Cradlebaby on your site and at your events as a great fundraiser.

LaxCB knows how important fundraising is to lacrosse programs and we've got great bulk and team discounts available. We can also customize Cradlebaby lanyards with your team's or organization's colors and logos.


Want your brand on the Cradlebaby you sell or give away to players or camp participants?

LaxCB can design and make custom Cradlebaby lanyards for your program, camp, company or club. Are you looking for the perfect way to get your logoin every players hands? Think branded Cradlebaby and they will be carrying your brand everywhere they go; playing with it inside and out.

Lacrosse NW Cradlebaby Check out these great Cradlebaby built for Lacrosse Northwest, the leading lacrosse program in the Portland, Oregon area.

"Just wanted to let you know I ran a Cradlebaby station at MS league on Monday and they were a huge huge hit. One player scored a sick goal off of a dodge I was teaching them with it! Just thought you should know it was a success the first time around."

          --Jessica Voas, Vice-President, Lacrosse Northwest



Share a Cradlebaby Buy Button

Share a Cradlebaby Buy Button on your website and Facebook page. This is a great way to encourage players and parents to get their Cradlebaby ASAP. Remember, even after you provide Cradlebaby to the entire team siblings and friends always want one of their own.

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It's tournament season!

Nothing travels better than a Cradlebaby. Work stick skills wherever summer takes you.

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