Hear what other players, coaches and parents are saying about Cradlebaby

Don't just take our word for it, hear what other players, coaches and parents are saying about Cradlebaby.

"My son loves his! Has been using all day - everyday since Xmas! Great tool! Before this all I would hear is the ball drop on the floor and his mother screaming- don't play ball in the house. Problem solved!"

Michael Foglia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


"I got my daughter one a couple years ago at a lax tournament. She uses it all the time! I think this is the reason her non-dominant side is as good as her dominant side!"

Renee Burnette
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"Indiana has been hard hit with extreme cold temperatures and more snow than we have had in 20 years this winter.  Getting outside to practice lacrosse has been impossible.  In addition, gym space is very limited at our school, so our girls lacrosse team spends the off season practicing in the halls of our school.  In the past, this practice was limited to running with our sticks only, since half of our team is new to the sport and not skilled enough to cradle without damaging the lockers, doors, and windows.  Our Cradlebaby have solved that problem! Now even first time players can start cradling their first day with a Cradlebaby with no risk to school property.  Needless to say, the Cradlebaby have been a wonderful addition to our practice equipment."

Lee Ann Lankton
Guerin Catholic High School
Assistant Coach Girls Lacrosse

 "I bought a CB for my son within minutes of seeing it. It has saved some broken glass in our house, I'M CERTAIN OF IT. Seriously though, I believe it to be one of the best training ideas in a very long time. An essential for the nube, and just plain good to have for all levels of player."

Doug H.
North Carolina


"Hong Kong is a cramped city and although your product might be best for younger players, I think your product also is perfect for serious players who want to practice off the field in this environment."

Karen Lo
Hong Kong


"My eight year old son broke his toe and missed the majority of the lax season for his K-2 team in a walking boot. He kept up on his stick skills using his Cradlebaby as well as the bounce back every day before school. We went back to practice last night for the first time after being cleared by the doctor. His ball handling skills far surpassed the kids that had been playing all Spring, even the kids 2 years his senior. I recommend the Cradlebaby highly. It really helps!"

Samantha Dirk Golden

"We recommend these to all our players in Methuen Youth Lacrosse. I also practice what I preach, my kids all have them. Great tool for when you live in the north and can't practice outdoors most days"

Joel Faretra
Methuen, MA

"My girls got these for Christmas. The best part, the dropped balls aren't denting the hardwood floors! Priceless."

Nancy M.