Cradlebaby from LaxCB

Cradlebaby Cowbucker

The Cradelbaby Cowbucker is field tested for sun, drizzles and downpour … and it is the ideal sports hat for all weather! Uniquely designed for comfort, with a convenient drawstring to keep it in place, our rabid Cradlebaby fans are known to wear their Buckers both "curled-up" like a cowboy hat or "flat-brimmed" like their favorite bucket hats.  


  • One-Size-Fits-Most.
  • EVA Foam Brim.
  • Foam Front Panel.
  • Elastic Comfort Sweatband.
  • Nylon Cinch Cord.
  • 100% Original Cowbucker design.




    It's tournament season!

    Nothing travels better than a Cradlebaby. Work stick skills wherever summer takes you.

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